Every home and garden is different. Our three-stage design plan allows us to present the best possibilities for your beautiful new formal garden.

1. Consultation and advice

Angus Finlayson Formal Gardens is available to consult on how to best realise the potential of your outdoor space. Whether you have some ideas in mind or you are in need of fresh new creative concepts, we have more than 25 years of experience talking with discerning clients about how formal gardens can enhance their home.

Our initial advice on a new garden is individually customised to the site and the brief, and sympathetic to its surroundings. We not only offer innovative and attractive immediate solutions, we create gardens that will continue to bring joy for many years to come.

2. Concept design

Our proven concept design process gives us the flexibility to tailor our design services to cater to individual requirements. It also offers an effective and easy to way for clients to visualise the design of their new formal garden.

For less complex formal gardens, concept designs will usually supply enough information to proceed to an accurate construction quote without the need for a landscape plan.

For larger projects, a concept design becomes the basis for a detailed landscape plan, as well as the documentation required to properly cost and guide all construction.

3. Landscape plan

Our landscape plan and documentation holds all necessary information for a detailed and accurate construction quotation. On larger, more detailed projects, it provides a very precise and to-scale design for regulatory authorities approval.

Our landscape plans also protect your investment by ensuring the entire construction process runs smoothly from beginning to end. We draft our plans with meticulous detail, as either a separate component or as part of your complete design package.

To maintain our reputation for excellence, we work closely on all components involved throughout execution to fulfill our clients’ ultimate vision on every level.

To arrange a free on-site visit and discuss designing your new formal garden, please contact us here.