Angus Finlayson Formal Gardens is known in Sydney’s finest suburbs for its award winning landscapes of matchless beauty and elegant design.

Angus Finlayson is a second-generation landscape designer with more than 25 years experience designing, constructing and maintaining prestigious formal gardens that are meticulously considered and brilliantly executed. His devoted and discerning client base appreciates the attention and expertise he brings to every garden, seamlessly balancing elegance, innovation and sustainability.

“I believe our outdoor environment is fundamental to the way we live. Our gardens reflect who we are. That’s why I take the time to listen to my clients to create a garden that works in harmony with their homes.” – Angus Finlayson

Angus Finlayson’s precise design aesthetic is inspired by the distinguished ‘parterre’ style, which originated in 15th Century France, as well as contemporary trends in formal gardens in Europe and Australia. Drawing on his extensive experience working alongside leading architects on some of Sydney’s grandest homes, he creates designs that are both sophisticated and timeless.

“The compartments, pathways and repeating geometric patterns of the classic parterre elements bring such a joy to the eye and calmness to the spirit”. -Angus Finlayson

While many of his gardens have won awards and been featured in premiere lifestyle magazines, Angus Finlayson always designs to serve his clients’ vision and to compliment his clients’ homes.

In order to ensure his clients’ gardens continue to look their best as they grow, Angus Finlayson also offers a premium maintenance program. This ensures the high standard of his design and workmanship is maintained, with a single, reliable and friendly point of contact.

To learn more about Angus Finlayson Formal Gardens, or to arrange a free on-site visit, please contact us here.